Yachting in Miami, FL

Yachting in Miami, FL

Miami is widely considered the capital of the luxury day charters for yachting. With a 12-month yachting season and its proximity to The Bahamas, Florida Keys, and Cuba; Miami is the perfect year-round destination for yachting. With world-class restaurants and nightlife, there's always fun to be had on land in the Magic City as well.

Miami, FL
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Why Charter a Yacht in Miami, FL

Miami is globally known as the world’s playground for high net worth individuals with its subtropical climate, world-class dining, nightlife options, beautiful beaches and packed with boat rentals. It is no wonder why so many of the world’s elite choose to keep vacation homes in this paradise, and so many others come every year to relax and unwind and choose to charter a private yacht. Miami is unique in that it is also one of the few major metropolitan cities that offers a year-round yachting season. With a yacht rental Miami you will soon understand why it is known as the Magic City: wide beaches, seemingly endless supply of sunshine, endless parties and a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. All these factors combined with the countless luxury waterfront properties make Miami a perfect destination for yachting, and thus we highly recommend you to opt for a luxury yacht charter Miami.

Miami Boat Rental: Infrastructure

It is Miami’s infrastructure and marinas that make it especially well-suited for private yachting. It caters for local private yachting around Biscayne Bay or as an embarkation point for international luxury yacht charters or yacht rentals to from Miami to the Bahamas or Cuba - for further inspiration, check YachtLife’s suggested 7-day Itinerary from Miami to Cuba.

Chartering in Miami: Famous Events

Coupled with its ideal location and infrastructure, Miami also hosts world-famous events year round. Such as: - The Miami Yacht Show, - the Ultra Music Festival, - the Miami Art Basel, - The Food Network’s Wine and Food Festival. Furthermore, other special events cater for a yacht rental Miami, such as the Fourth of July. These all offer the ability to host private after parties on the water aboard your own private yacht in pure luxury. Typically this is a premium time to rent a yacht in Miami or Miami Beach - please make sure to secure your yacht rental Miami as early as possible as the entire Miami fleet gets booked.

Renting a boat in Miami: Places to Explore

A private yacht charter Miami will allow you explore the surrounding areas as they are meant to be seen - by the water. One of the key areas to explore by yacht in Miami is the Biscayne Bay, the large body of water that separates Miami from Miami Beach, perfect for leisurely cruising. Biscayne Bay is a calm bay dotted with both natural and man-made islands, and is really the heart of yachting in Miami. You will only truly experience the Miami lifestyle after a yacht rental in this area. Cutting across Biscayne Bay are the man-made Venetian Islands connecting the city of Miami with Miami Beach. The six islands, connected by the Venetian Causeway were built in the 1920s and 1930s. They feature countless waterfront properties appealing not only for their waterfront location but also their proximity to both Miami and Miami Beach. Tourists and locals opt for a yacht charter Miami, to better explore this unique region of the world. Just south of the Venetian Islands, you’ll find Star, Palm, and Hibiscus Islands, known for their exclusive gated community of waterfront homes and celebrity residents. All three islands enjoy stunning views of the downtown and Miami Beach skylines and easy ocean access. Pro tip: rent a yacht in Miami to experience the unique Miami sunset. Further south from Star Island, you’ll find Fisher Island, one of America’s most expensive zip codes. Fisher Island features its own private beach club, golf course two deep-water marinas. The island was created in 1905 and construction began in 1919 when Carl G. Fisher purchased the eponymous island. In 1925 William Kissam Vanderbilt II traded a luxury yacht to Fisher for ownership of the island. Continuing south from Fisher Island are the two islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne. Virginia Key hosts the Virginia Key Beach Park Marine Park Stadium and the Miami Seaquarium. The seaquarium has one of the world’s largest collections of marine animals – about 10,000 specimens. On the same note, Key Biscayne offers secluded beaches and is home to the famous 19th-century Cape Florida Lighthouse. It also boasts the only underwater archaeological trail in the United States. Even though you’re only a few miles from downtown Miami, you’ll feel as though you’re in another world. If you’re looking to experience some of the best waterside restaurants in Miami, you’ll want to head over to the Miami River. There you will be able to pull up on your yacht and dock directly at various waterfront restaurants. Just off of Key Biscayne, you’ll find what is probably the best-known rendezvous point for yachts in Miami – Nixon Sandbar. On any given weekend, you’ll find dozens of yachts anchored in the bay and tied up together. Do not miss out on this; rent a yacht in Miami and cruise over to this unique Miami experience. Finally, we head up north to the Haulover Sandbar right by the famous Bal Harbour Shops. Situated just west of the Haulover Beach Marina, Haulover Sandbar is the most popular rendezvous point for yachts on the weekend in North Miami Beach. If you are still looking for further inspiration on possible tours, you can check out: - Charter Lux - Prime Luxury Rentals - Royal Charters Furthermore, chartering a yacht in Miami also allows you to explore the less visited islands and beaches. Sail down the coast for a secluded day on the water with family and friends. Enjoy this stunning part of the world as it was meant to be seen - by the water.



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